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Lahore has been divided into nine towns these are, Ravi town, Shalimar town, Wagah town, Aziz Bhatti town, Data Ganj Baksh town, Gulbarg town, Samanabad town, Iqbal town, Nishter town.

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All powers assigned to Concerned Authorities by these Regulations framed under the Ordinance as amended from time to time. “Ground Floor” means the floor of any structure built just above the plinth level. “Habitable Room” means a room to be used primarily for human habitation. “Head Room” means the clear vertical distance measured between the finished lower level and the underside of lowest obstruction such as ceiling or, rafter, whichever is lower. “Height of a Building” means the vertical measurement from the highest part of the crown of the road along the length of the plot boundary of such a building, on the side determined to be the front of such plot, to the highest part of the building. “Height of a Room” means the vertical distance measured between the finished floor level and under side of the ceiling. “Hoarding” means a fence of temporary character erected around a building site on which erection, demolition or repair work is in hand. “House/Bungalow means an independent residential building for the use of people, a family/families having at least one habitable room with a kitchen, a bath, and a toilet. “Housing/Dwelling Unit” means a part or whole of a residential building capable of being used independently for human habitation. “Industrial Building” means a building constructed on a plot allotted exclusively for the purpose of industry, under these Regulations. “Inspection Chamber” means any chamber constructed so as to provide access thereto for inspection and cleaning. “Land” includes the earth, water and air, above, below or on the surface, and anything attached to the earth, and has the meaning assigned to it under Clause (a) of Section 3 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1984. “Land Development” has the meaning assigned under clause 3-3.1.

3 Karachi Port Trust Areas of housing schemes, industrial estates or other land under its jurisdiction, which are leased to or developed by others. 2-71 “Land Use Plan” means a land use plan, referred to in Appendix A.

Brief History: The area of Karachi was known to the ancient Greeks by many names: ‘Krokola’ and ‘Morontobara’ port (probably the modern Manora Island near the Karachi harbour), from where Alexander the Great’s admiral Nearchus sailed for back home.

The Arabs called it the port of Debal, from where Muhammad Bin Qasim led his conquering force into Sindh.

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These Girls love to please their clients in a best possible manner by offering an excellent session.All powers assigned to Concerned Authorities by these Regulations framed under the Ordinance as amended from time to time. “Completion Plan” means an as built plan submitted to the Authority for the purposes of obtaining approval and occupancy certificate. “Concerned Authority” means the public agency designated to perform the functions of the Concerned Authority for the purpose of these Regulations (Schedule IA) or any other Authority notified by the Government, from time to time. “Controller of Buildings (COB)” means the authorized officer of the Authority to effect implementation of these Regulations in respective circles/areas. “COS -Compulsory Open Space ” means that part of a plot which is to be left completely open to sky, over which no structure or an integral part of the building shall be permitted except permissible projections, basement, steps, septic under ground tanks, soak pits, water reservoirs and lines for sewage, water, electricity, gas, telephone etc., or those structures required by civic agencies such as electric sub-station permitted elsewhere in these Regulations. “Corner Plot” means a plot situated at the intersection of two or more streets/roads. “Cottage Industry” includes small and medium size repair shops, handicrafts, and small-scale inoffensive non-hazardous and non-obnoxious production and manufacturing units in areas, specified for such uses. any other planning matters which contribute to the development, renewal, maintenance and use of the area as a the whole. “License” means a permission, granted under these Regulations by the Authority to perform such functions as are allowed under these Regulations. “Licensee” means an individual’s or firm who has been duly licensed by the Authority. “Licensed Non Professionals” means person/s or firm granted license under these Regulations, who are not registered with any of the statuary bodies. “Light Industry” means an industry defined as such by the Industries Department or as defined in these Regulations. “Loft” means a horizontal slab used only for storage purposes, which shall be allowed in kitchens, baths and store rooms/shops with access from inside only upto 5′-0″ clear height between the loft floor and roof height and shall not exceed 30% of the floor area of the room. “Master Plan” means a Development Plan for an area providing short terms and long terms policy guideline for a systematic and controlled growth in future. “Master Plan & Environmental Control Department (MP&ECD) is the Department established to implement Town Planning and Environmental Control Regulations or City District Karachi in accordance with these Regulations. “Medical Waste” means such waste or items which can, or is likely to, cause infection, and without prejudice to the generality above, includes needles, operating theatre material, surgical gloves, bandages, blood, bones and flesh etc. “NOC” means No Objection Certificate as defined in these Regulations. “Notification” means a notification published in the Sindh Government Gazette. “Obnoxious Industries” include, amongst others brick kilns, coke ovens, salt glazing, sulphur working, making of cellulose lacquer, pitch bitumen, charcoal burning, gut scraping, tannery, glue making, fish meal, soap boiling, tallow making, skin dyeing and those which may be specified as Obnoxious Industries by the Industries Department from time to time. “Ordinance” means the Sindh Building Control Ordinance, 1979. “Open Staircase” means a staircase at least two sides of which are open, except for a guardrail or wall of a maximum nominal height of 4ft.(1.2m), and which has no roof. “Oversee Committee” means a Committee notified under Ordinance, as amended from time to time to oversee the functioning of the Authority. “Owner” means a person or persons holding title to a piece of plot or land/construction thereupon. “PEC” means Pakistan Engineering Council established under PEC Act, 1976. “Pedestrian Lane” means thoroughfares intended exclusively for pedestrian traffic at least 10ft. In case of more than one road serving the plot, the plinth will be measured from the road providing principal access at the higher level. They shall be given in the manner as A3 size in leading newspapers minimum one each (Urdu & English) as a display advertisement and not a classified advertisement. By affixing copies thereof display on the site minimum size 3×4 ft.5 Ministry of Works Government of Pakistan Areas of housing schemes, industrial estates or other land under its jurisdiction, which are leased to or developed by others. P.” means the latest applicable published edition of British Standard Code of Practice. The height of the plinth shall be limited to 4′-6″, except on plots where the natural contours are more than 4-6″ over at least 40% of the plot area as measured from the point at the centre of the property line of the road adjacent to it 2-94. “Professional” means an individual or firm registered as such under the PCATP Ordinance-1983 and PEC Act. “Proposed Plans” means plans submitted for approval in respect of proposed building works and/or land, development work and/or land development work. “Prescribed Form” means form prescribed for various purposes by the Authority. “Preservation” means protection of any building or area from any plot or development which may destroy or change its character. “Professional Engineer” means a person recognized as such under PEC Act and Rules & Regulations framed there under. “Property line” for the purposes of these Regulations means that for part of plot boundary which separates private property from the public property or a private property from another private property. “Proof Engineer” means registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as Consulting Engineer (Structural Design) and with minimum 10 years experience of structural design of building works and whose name is listed on the panel of Proof Engineers maintained by the Authority. “Public Agency” includes a person or body of persons, autonomous body appointed by or under the authority of Government or the Federal Government and includes Town Councils and Union Councils, as defined in the Sindh Local Government Ordinance, 2001. “Public Use Building” means a building designed for public use and includes a dispensary, post office, police station, Tonga stand and transport stand, town hall, public library, cultural centre, cinema and such other buildings which are meant for public use facilities. “Public Open Space” means open spaces including parks, playgrounds. “Total Floor Area” means the sum of floor areas of all the floors of all the buildings on a plot, less exemption as permitted in these Regulations. “Transport Department” means the Transport Department of the City District Karachi. “Ware house” means a building in which goods are stored. “Waste” includes industrial, hospital and municipal waste and sewage. (1×1.2m) on board and at prominent AUTHORITY Public Notice Board. The notice shall state the place at which, and the officers with whom replies/objections may be filed within a specified time. The officer so designated shall consider the suggestions or objections filed or testimony given and submit a report to the relevant department of City District Government MP&ECD or the Concerned Authority/Authority as the case may be as defined under these Regulations 3-1.1.4. Where a development permit has been granted, if the authority which granted it, finds that any of the provisions of the Regulations or any conditions of the development permit have been violated, the Authority may issue an order revoking the permit: 3-1.2.1.According to legend, the city started as a fishing settlement, where a fisher woman, Mai Kolachi, settled and started a family.The village that grew out of this settlement was known as Kolachi-jo-Goth (The Village of Kolachi in Sindhi).

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