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Over the company’s long life, it has bought several other brands, such as the smaller Learn more about Casablanca Fans Co Tap into millions of public records, notices and articles on The Daily News with our ever-growing line of services.Try one of these to get you started: Name Search Watch Service'Casablanca Fans Co., which became part of Hunter in 1996 but kept the Casablanca brand name.The remote control and the fan mounted control communicate over the 60 Hz power line between the remote control and the ceiling fan. Because ceiling fan 120 must be adaptable to existing wiring in the house, fan speed switch 107, fan direction switch 108, and light intensity switch 109 are usually mounted on a housing attached to ceiling fan 120 itself. 3, both light switch 301a and fan switch 301b are closed, and no diode is in the circuit. If a further number of signals are desired, a more sophisticated receiving and transmitting circuit would have to be constructed. Fowler attempts to minimize the effect of variations in line voltage by utilizing unregulated voltage to pre-bias the sensing network. Wall mounted remote control 511 contains light switch 501a, fan switch 501b, Zener diode Z1 and Zener diode Z2. Typically, Fan mounted Control unit 510 will control the fan so that each successive fan successive control signal will cycle the fan through a predetermined control pattern (e.g., low, medium, high, off). Fan mounted control 510 detects waveform 524 by comparing peak voltage V5 to peak A. supply voltage V1 and will interpret the signal as a light control signal and control light fixture 530 accordingly (e.g., low, medium, high, off). 5, an additional slide type switch 515 may be provided in remote control 511 to cutoff all power to both the ceiling fan and remote control. Thus, when fan switch 501b is momentarily pressed, a fixed voltage drop of 33 Volts occurs and the waveform 522 is reshaped as shown in waveform 524 is FIG. Other Zener values may be used to produce other fixed voltage drops which may be detected by the fan mounted control 510.The remote control connects in series with the load line of the ceiling least one signaling circuit comprising a zener diode and a switch, said zener diode and said switch connected in parallel, said signaling circuit operating to provide an output signal, said output signal comprising said first full-wave A. power signal when said switch is closed and a second full-wave A. power signal having a peak voltage less than said first peak voltage of said first full-wave A. power signal when said switch is open;receiver means connected in series to and remotely located from said at least one signaling circuit for detecting said second full-wave A. Fan mounted switches 107, 108, and 109 may be preset to the desired levels of speed, direction, and light intensity, respectively, and wail switch 101 used to turn fan 106 and light fixture 180 to these preset levels. Light switch 301a and fan switch 301b are both momentary contact spring release type switches which are normally closed (NC). Fan mounted control unit 310 detects this delay and treats it as a fan control signal. 2, can only provide for two signal levels (e.g., fan and light) on the A. One apparatus which attempts to overcome the deficiencies of both the Hart and Fowler devices is that shown Fowler U. In order to pre-bias the sensing network, however, the Fowler '576 invention requires the use of three wires as input to the fan mounted control. shows a block diagram of the fan mounted control of the present invention. In the present invention, part of the normal waveform 522 (FIG. Similarly, by pressing light control switch 501a, Zener diode Z1 will be placed in the circuit, producing a different fixed voltage drop of A. supply voltage 570 on control line 503 shown as waveform 524 in FIG. Similarly, since the two Zener diodes are shown here in series, if both fan switch 501b and light switch 501a are pressed simultaneously, a third fixed voltage drop may be produced to produce a third distinct control signal (e.g., fan direction). B., during normal operation, switches 501b and one pole of switch 501a, both of which are spring release momentary contact type switches are closed.Each switch connects a different Zener diode into the load line to produce a fixed predetermined voltage drop. Ceiling fans are often combined with a light fixture or fixtures with the intensity level of the light fixture(s) controlled from low levels to maximum high levels. Switched load line 103 and neutral line 104 from A. supply voltage 170 terminate in a ceiling junction box 105. In the proportional voltage drop method, part of normal waveform 422 (FIG. Similarly, by pressing light control switch 401a, resistor R1 will be placed in the circuit, producing a different proportional voltage drop of the A. supply voltage 470 on control line 403a shown as waveform 424 as shown in FIG. In the Fowler '576 invention, if the resistors are selected for a 120 V line voltage and the supply voltage changes, say to 110 V, the control signals will change proportionally. Remote control 511 may be designed to fit into and cover a typical wall switch box. system) is transmitted to fan mounted control unit 510 over switched load line 503 and is momentarily dropped from its peak voltage by wall mounted remote control 511. If the voltage drop is at a second level V5 as shown in waveform 524 in FIG. In normal operation, the load current passing from load line 502 to switched load line 503 passes through switches 501a and 501b, to produce a normal AC waveform 522 on switched load line 503. Fan mounted control unit 510 detects waveform 523 by comparing voltage V4 to peak A. supply voltage V1 and treats the detected signal as a fan control signal. There is no positive or negative signal such as that used by Hart '446 or Fowler '956. Instead, the control signal is based upon fixed reference voltage drops at the transmitter. Zener diode Z2 may have a fixed Zener voltage of, for example, 33 Volts.A control mounted in the ceiling fan detects these voltage drops and controls fan speed and light intensity accordingly. power signal; anda signal detection circuit connected to said reference voltage circuit and said at least one signaling circuit for comparing the reference voltage A. power signal to said output signal and outputting a detection signal when said reference voltage A. power signal differs from said output signal; andreceiver means connected in series to and remotely located from said at least one signaling circuit for detecting said second full-wave A. Most ceiling fans are designed so that they may be installed in existing ceiling junction boxes, replacing existing light fixtures. 1, there is generally a wall switch 101 switching load line 102 from A. A ceiling fan 120 comprising fan 106 with light fixture 180 is typically installed attached to junction box 105 in a similar manner as a standard light fixture. Without additional circuitry to sense the change in supply voltage, the new signal may not represent the correct control signal and may trigger the load incorrectly. Remote control 511 draws power from load line 502 which runs from A. supply voltage 570 through remote control 511 and switched load line 503 to fan mounted control 510. supply voltage 570 having peak voltage V1 (typically 170 volts for a 120 V. If the voltage drop is at a first level V4 as shown in waveform 523 in FIG. When fan switch 501b is pressed, Zener diode Z2 is switched into the circuit, from A. supply voltage 570, producing a fixed voltage drop on control line 503 shown as waveform 523 in FIG. Fan mounted control unit 510 may either alter fan speed or direction, or turn fan 506 on or off. A voltage drop of V4 is treated as one signal and a voltage drop of V5 is treated as another signal. In the preferred embodiment, Zener diodes Z1 and Z2 have different Zener voltage values, so that fan mounted control 510 can distinguish between the two signals. Of course, the two values of 18 Volts and 33 Volts are shown here by way of example only.

Hunter’s first ceiling fan, which he invented in Syracuse, N. Sometime after that, Hunter moved the company to Memphis and in 1896 changed its name to Hunter Fan & Motor Co. is still a part of the Memphis economy with its central administration facility that includes industrial design, engineering and a test lab.We offer Casablanca fans at very competitive prices and are happy to answer any questions that may arise.Many lighting options are available to complement these exceptional fan designs.“The first thing is you will choose your furniture. The company matches the woodwork in a new resin-molding process that makes other parts of the fan. “We feel it’s much more important to put a stronger presence in some of the developing markets,” he added. We’ll see more trends from other countries that actually will feed into the U.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on

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