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My brother and father are/were both wheelchair users and so I have been around disability on and off all my life, yet still I find it a difficult bridge to cross when oral communication is affected..

I'd not be embarrassed to be seen out with someone who was affected to a similar extent as yourself but I would have to confess to an initial,' Is this going to be hard work and end in heartache' gut reaction...

Dear Alice, I am dating a wonderful, intelligent, and caring man who happens to have cerebral palsy.

We are both 20 years old, and this is the first romantic relationship he's been involved in.

The main causes of cerebral palsy include: A combination of the above (such as low birth weight and being a twin) can further increase the probability of cerebral palsy. As the muscle tone is so tight, spasticity can be very painful with muscles often going into spasm. Sometimes referred to as dystonic, athetoid or choreoathetoid cerebral palsy.

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he just told me he has a mild case of cerebral palsy--that he "can't walk" and that's yet. what are the chances that he has mental retardation as well? Just because he has cerebral palsy doesn't mean he's mentally retarded.

No two people will be affected by their cerebral palsy in the same way, and it's important to ensure treatments and therapies are tailored to your child’s individual needs.

In the UK, cerebral palsy affects about one in every 400 children.

There's a young lad who works at my local supermarket who has cerebral palsy, Russell is his name, he isn't as badly affected by his condition as you are I have to admit but I can tell you now, if I were 15 years younger and single, he'd not stand a chance!!!!

I have to confess that although once I got to know you I'd probably find you great company, I would find the initial approach and early conversation with you to be a little on the daunting side? The trouble is, that initial fear of the unknown is what is stopping a lot of women from meeting the real you, I would imagine...

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